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The Mind, Body and Soul Workout Guide

Think Well. Eat Well. Be Well.

Diana believes looking and feeling great on the outside starts with promoting health on the inside. Creator of The Mind, Body and Soul Workout Guide her goal is to empower you to create a healthy relationship with yourself by integrating her complete guide to wellness.

"Our thoughts, emotions, nutrition, work, and family life all influence our wellbeing. By increasing awareness of the mind, body, and soul, we can gain a fresh perspective on how to care of our health and begin healing."
–Diana Brook

Ask yourself:

  • Are you ready to change the way you feel?
  • Nurture your wellbeing?
  • Live a healthier lifestyle?

With your commitment and Diana’s support you can create the lifestyle you have always wanted with this unique programme. The Mind, Body and Soul Workout Guide will enhance a lifelong relationship with your mind, body and soul.

Diana will share her holistic knowledge and show you how to apply practical lifestyle patterns into your daily routine. Speaking from her own experience she feels it’s better to take small, simple and realistic steps to boost health and vitality, long term.

The Mind, Body and Soul Workout Guide will educate, motivate and empower all aspects of the NEW YOU. This complete wellness and lifestyle guide integrates Diana's 7 steps to natural health and healing. The Guide is for anyone who is looking for support to heal from stress, feel better and live healthier.

"Transformation begins when you eliminate fear, enhance awareness and combine with positive intention." –The Mind, Body and Soul Workout Guide

Diana will show you how to Think Well, Eat Well and Be Well with her step-by-step guide. It all begins with your willingness and commitment to open up to a new perspective as you choose to live with conscious awareness.

Then the focus shifts as you move through each step:

  • Nutrients In, Toxins Out
  • Meet Your True Self
  • Colour Your Wellbeing
  • You Are Unique
  • Yoga With Diana
  • Authentic Self

"The Mind, Body and Soul Workout Guide is sensational. The variety of the course is superb, comprehensively written and challenging in the most positive and enlightened way!" –Lesley Gerrard

Make the changes you have longed for! Here’s how you can book The Mind, Body and Soul Workout Guide to suit your individual exploration:

  • personal one-to-one programme
  • group 7 week course
  • 1 day workshops

The Mind, Body & Soul Workout Guide MasterClass is here!

Kickstart Spring in the perfect way...

Join me on 22nd March at the Holiday Inn, Cardiff between 10am-5pm

The Mind, Body & Soul Workout Guide will come to 'life' as you will learn, discover and explore the power of intention and vibration, what is the ego, how to become mindful, experience meditation while de-bunking some common meditation myths, understand the importace of healthy nutrition - all for you to enjoy inner peace, increased energy levels, feel supported and balanced.

Plus lunch is included!

£85 Booking is essential - to reserve your space please contact Diana.


Please note: distance learning programmes are available online via Skype sessions.

To book Diana Brook to speak at your event and for further information on courses and workshops available in your area, contact Diana.

Find out what inspired Diana to create The Mind, Body and Soul Workout Guide, access her interview here.